A photograph is not finished until it is printed. The physical photograph offers permanence, setting it apart from the flow of images we encounter on a daily basis in today's digital age. The presentation of a photograph lends itself to a dignity which cannot be matched on a screen. Whether an image is recorded on film or in bits, the step of creating a print is a part of the artistic process.

In analog photography the printing step is considered necessity. More than 170 years have passed since the first photographs were taken; the methods of printing from film are well established, if a receeding skillset. Creating a photograph from a digital image is rebellious. The very concept seems anachronistic, to have a photograph on paper from a digital image, something designed for speed and transience. Yet the photograph is not complete until this step is taken.

Methods now exist for the creation of a high-quality black-and-white photograph from a digital image. A decade after the first digital cameras marketed as professional became widely available, these methods for printing continue to attract a relatively small group of people. Have a look at my blog if you are interested in the various ways to print from a file.

The services I offer as a photographer take the step of creating a physical image into account, whether portrait, wedding, a different type of event or art. In both analog and digital photography, I offer only the finest available techniques from the beginning, the setting of the picture, all the way to the very end, the print.

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